About Us

The Radicle Sisters
You are invited to journey with collaborators Ruth Ben-Tovim, Anne-Marie Culhane, Lucy Neal and Shelley Castle and the Walking Forest, a 10 year project which starts with the collecting of seeds to create an intentional forest in 2028.

Walking Forest looks back to the collective actions of the Suffragettes who stood for radical democratic change and brings the natural world into the political frame where suffragettes placed women 100 years earlier. It looks forward to the next 100 years when articulating and standing up together for the well-being of Earth is key to planetary survival.

“If you analyse a molecule of chlorophyll you get 136 atoms of hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and nitrogen arranged around a central ring and in the ring is a single atom of magnesium. If you remove the atom of magnesium and in its exact place put an atom of iron you get a molecule of haemoglobin/red blood.”

Annie Dillard: Pilgrim at Tinkers Creek

We draw inspiration from trees and the forest ecosystem, in particular the hidden world beneath the forest floor; creative movements of resistance and change making across the world and the growing call for rights for nature in our legal system.

Walking Forest awakens a collective sense of what it is to feel responsible for and to be able to respond to the natural world.

This website shares the story of our inspiration and research which follows different lines of enquiry as we each make our own sense of the weave of these narratives.

Tree Leaf Stomata
“Tied together by the threads of hand and brain, making and thinking, in the relays of patterning.”
Donna Haraway
Ray Costelloe and others on suffrage caravan tour between Scotland and Oxford, 1908 - Women's Library

Full of celebration, endings and new beginnings, Walking Forest is storied by each place and each group of participants, doing or being – taking shape as we move forward together.

Pack your rucksack, waterproofs and your curiosity to come walking with us over the years ahead.