Walking Forest is a 10-year artwork exploring links with activism, natural forest networks and communities, culminating in 2028 with an ‘intentional woodland’: a place made up of trees that honour women activists as the Suffragette Arboretum had once done.

This work takes place in sites across the UK through a growing mycelium of stories, art and performance.

Current Work

The Walking Forest story unfolds and grows from the rich soil of individual and collaborative practices of the Walking Forest artists and collaborators. Our work toward creating an intentional woodland, gifting seeds of the last standing Suffragette tree, and a live network of women activists in the UK and beyond, are ongoing strands of the Walking Forest journey. We are currently working on an cross-disciplinary collaborative project with MEMBRA until 2025.

Intentional Woodland

Over 100 years ago an arboretum was planted in the midst of the Suffragettes campaign to honour their courage. We read this as a symbolic act recognising the importance of collective action across difference and of active hope for an unknown and unknowable future. Walking Forest is a 10-year artwork that culminates in planting a new intentional woodland by 2028, marking the connection between women, activism and trees.

Oak Saplines at Moor Trees

About Us

Walking Forest is led by artists Shelley Castle, Anne-Marie Culhane, Lucy Neal and Ruth Ben-Tovim with a team of collaborators. We are inspired by: a call to stand up for the natural world; the wisdom of forest networks; the energy of a living and life giving network connecting women earth protectors; the performative genius and courage of the Suffragettes and the lines from Shakespeare’s play Macbeth that conjure Birnam Wood’s ‘moving grove’.

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